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What makes Tutor Doctor Mississauga different? Unlike many other services, we know that successful tutoring often relies on the connection and relationship between tutor and student.

This is why we do a thorough in-home consultation with you and your child, with an academic assessment and analysis of past report cards and teacher feedback. The consultation is also used to gather information on the student's personality and individual learning style in order to match him/her with a tutor who will complement all areas and to build a tutoring program that is as unique as they are.

With the right tutor and the right program, everyone has a chance to gain confidence and excel in whatever area they want to. With Tutor Doctor Mississauga, we offer a large variety of programs that can be customized to you, or your child, and do so in a trusted, in-home format that makes it comfortable and convenient.

With Tutor Doctor Mississauga, academic support is just the beginning. Our goal is to make sure our expert tutors deliver individualized programs that help our students succeed in all areas of their lives.

Tutor Doctor Mississauga is proud to offer the following tutoring programs:


Convenient. Comfortable. One-to-One.

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Our Process

  • Assess: We start with a free consultation where we can assess your child’s or your needs and goals. We want to understand your situation and challenges so we can do what is best for you. We gather information from you, the school, teachers and other professionals, to create an individualized plan of action. We also bring our experience and insight from hundreds of meetings with other families to the table.
  • Match: Next we match you with one of our qualified and passionate tutors who are thoroughly aware of your needs and are prepared to start working. It’s not just anybody, but somebody who wants to meet you and knows how we work. We share what we learned in the first step so they can hit the ground running.
  • Tutor: Personalized tutoring involves responding directly to your needs and constantly adapting to maximize your success. That means your child or you will get help with homework and assistance filling in knowledge gaps and constantly build confidence and skill.
  • Support: We make sure to follow up on our services, keeping you in the loop and checking in regularly with written reports after each session. Changing, adapting and supporting all the way.

Through this four-part process, Tutor Doctor Mississauga provides the one-on-one attention that allows all students to excel. Bring academic confidence to your home - contact your Tutor Doctor of Mississauga team today.

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Does your child lack organizational skills? Don’t let that affect their academic success! Find out how our Academic Coaching can help!

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Our guarantee states that if you are not happy with our service, we will change your tutor in order to find a better match.

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