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Academic Coaching



Helping Students Develop Knowledge & Discipline

Think academic performance is only about grades and subject matter knowledge? Think again. Success in a classroom depends on more than just knowing the subject matter. Executive functioning skills such as goal setting, task prioritaztion, and time management are all crucial skills that influence your child's academic achievement. 

With a unique approach, Tutor Doctor Mississauga creates tutoring programs that combine knowledge with discipline to create a formula for success in and out of the classroom. We focus on increasing confidence and promoting self-motivation so students not only achieve higher levels of learning, but maintain this upward movement of success.

Our Formula for Success

Knowledge – Knowledge is the basis of learning and a person's understanding of classroom curriculum. It includes skills such as, learning to read and write, math skills such as multiplication, and other testable skills.

Discipline – This is the process of how knowledge gets applied. Items like time management, organizational skills, concentration, and task-initiation, etc. are how students get it all done and put their knowledge to work.

With a strong focus on knowledge acquisition, discipline is often overlooked. Both are essential in school and out of it, and picking up discipline skills early on in a person's life can be crucial to their later success and happiness. 

Large classroom settings make it difficult for teachers to really provide one-on-one attention and identify when students struggle with these executive skills. Tutor Doctor is here to help your child develop in these areas to ensure they conquer educational feats with confidence. With our proprietory X-Skills program and tutors trained in the implementation of same, we can work together to build an even stronger foundation for your student's learning.

We're not just about doing homework - Tutor Doctor wants to help students achieve the best versions of themselves. Through our holistic approach, we provide enriched and rewarding sessions that build a lasting investment in your child's future. 

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Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching

Does your child lack organizational skills? Don’t let that affect their academic success! Find out how our Academic Coaching can help!

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